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Hair Gel With Two Ingredients? | DIY Flaxseed Gel Recipe

After years of relying heavily on tons of expensive commercial hair styling products to keep my curls defined and frizz free, imagine my shock when I first heard that there was a natural alternative made using only flaxseeds. Not going to lie, I was skeptical. But after making my own DIY flaxseed gel and loving it, I had to admit that I was wrong.

flaxseed gel recipe diy hair growth natural curly
Flaxseed gel works at least as well as the piles of commercial hair products I used to use

It was in fact very similar to the expensive products I had been using, but at a fraction of the price, and with only natural ingredients. In this video, I will be sharing with you how to make and apply your own natural DIY flaxseed hair gel.

Whether you have curly or straight hair, this recipe is going to be helpful for you. For straight or fine haired people, this light gel can be a great tool for when you are putting your hair into a protective style, to help it stay in place and prevent flyaways. And of course, for us curly haired people, this awesome gel helps define curls and can be a great stand in when we are moving away from conventional, commercial gels and mousses.

flaxseed gel recipe diy hair growth natural curly
Making DIY hair gel is much easier than you think!

Keep reading for the recipe, the technique of how to apply it, and to see my finished results with this gel. At the end of this article will be some added thoughts on situations in which you may want to be cautious with this gel, as well as some more expert tips for making it better.


2 cups filtered water

Optional: several drops of essential oil (like lavender or rosemary)

flaxseed gel recipe diy hair growth natural curly
Flaxseed gel is also a lovely moisturizer for the hair!

Bring water to a boil on the stove. Add in flaxseeds and stir frequently while simmering for 6-9 minutes, until gel is your desired consistency. Pour through a fine mesh strainer while hot. Once cool, optionally add in essential oils. Store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. Apply to wet hair and scrunch for defining curls, or use as a leave-in conditioner. Enjoy!

Extra Tips and Cautions

flaxseed gel recipe diy hair growth natural curly
Less is more: even with an all natural product, we don't want to overdo it

Before we wrap up, I’d like to give a few expert tips that I actually learnt from an Instagram commenter (@amandacurlylocks) when I published a reel about flaxseed gel. First of all, one of the hardest parts of making flaxseed gel is the straining process and getting the gel all pushed through the strainer - especially if you wait until it is cool.

A lot of other videos suggest using stockings to strain, but I have actually found this option worse than the metal strainer personally. So what this comments suggested and I think is a great option though I haven’t tried it yet, is using a couple layers of cheesecloth to strain the gel. This is malleable so you can massage it, but unlike the stockings option, the holes are bigger - if you layer up at least two pieces of cheesecloth, this should be perfect to withhold the flaxseeds while allowing the gel through.

flaxseed gel recipe diy hair growth natural curly
Flaxseed gel is the only styling product I will use these days

So one situation in which you may want to avoid flaxseed gel or use it very minimally, is ironically, when you are dry-detangling your hair - which is what I personally do with my hair, and what I recommend. Flaxseed gel, while it is much lighter than commercial hair gels, can create somewhat of a crisy hold effect on the hair, which makes dry detangling difficult. My main caveats to avoid this problem are: 1) use a minimal amount of flaxseed gel, and 2) wait as long as you can to begin dry detangling, until the effects of the gel have worn off. Applying light oil like jojoba to your hair can also help reduce the hold of the flaxseed gel before dry detangling. I also only use my fingers to detangle, so that helps.

Another tip is to actually blend the flaxseed gel after making, before using. This apparently makes it more liquidy and easier to only get a little bit on your fingers and apply to your hair more minimally with excessive crispiness.

I hope you all enjoyed this natural DIY hair care recipe! If you are feeling inspired to try this recipe, be sure to let me know in the comments! If you found this recipe wildly helpful and inspiring, consider “buying me a coffee” through the buttons in this article.

If you found this information wildly helpful and informative and would like to thank me, consider "buying me a coffee" through one of the buttons throughout this article. Thanks! I appreciate it so much! Click here for the full list of sewing products I recommend. Click here for the full list of hair-care products I recommend. Click here for the full list of makeup and skincare products I recommend. I have personally used all of these products and can wholeheartedly recommend them to you. It also helps support this blog if you purchase anything through one of those links because I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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