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2024 One Month Hair Growth Challenge

If you have been sitting on the fence wondering if and when you should try the natural and historical hair care methods that myself and so many other have had such great success with, today’s video is for you.

We are going to be doing a 2024 hair growth challenge! Starting January 31, through the end of February, we will all be doing a natural hair care challenge. So if you have been waiting for a push to try some or all of the hair care techniques that I and many others have had such success with, this challenge is for you.

smiling woman with long curly hair

The best part? You can meet this wherever you are at. I will be shortly outlining all the points of this challenge, which include all of the baseline points and techniques which I think are important for growing healthy hair. However, depending on where you are at and your current lifestyle, you may only choose to implement one or two of these techniques into your life - that is fine! It’s all about baby steps. However, I will be outlining all of the baseline techniques that I believe to be important in improving hair health, so if you feel ready to take that on, or maybe you have already been trying some of the techniques but not all, feel free to dive right in and give it a try - after all, it’s only for one month!  

The great thing about this natural, historical hair care method is that it is so customizable - not only for different people, but for different stages of our lives! I have been using this method over the last 7 years. During that time, I have had three of my babies, moved twice, one of those times across the province, been a mother to my five children, built a thriving YouTube channel, and completed a myriad of life tasks . . .  so all of that to say, you can have periods of time where you are “all in” with your hair care -  doing all of the techniques religiously, and other times where you pull back to doing only what you consider the bare minimum. And the wonderful thing about it is that even during those periods of ultra minimalist hair care, your hair won’t suffer for it as long as you continue to handle your hair gently.

woman with long hair mixing liquid in cup


As we progress with this challenge and certainly at the end, please share your experiences and feedback on the challenge - it may be featured in a future video! 

So with all of that said, let’s jump into outlining the challenge! For more information on any of these techniques, see my other hair care videos, as I have one that outlines each of these techniques more in depth.  

Here are the basic points of the challenge. Feel free to follow just one or all of these techniques for the duration! 

  • Clay washing hair (rhassoul preferably, or bentonite if your hair is very oily) every 3 days - 1 week depending on your hair and scalp needs

woman in shower washing hair

  • ACV or aloe vera juice rinses after your clay wash

woman in shower holding plastic bottle

  • Herbal hair growth oil applied at least once a week to scalp and hair ends, or small amounts every 2-3 days depending on how much your hair can handle. Before your hair wash, also apply a light oil or hair masque to your hair length.

woman applying oil dropper to hair

  • Optional: MSM if you feel comfortable - please not if pregnant, and start off with a small 1/8 tsp dose if you haven’t taken it before

  • Seal hair ends with a light oil or aloe vera juice after washing and throughout week

woman holding oil dropper

  • Dry finger detangle hair before washing and throughout week as needed

woman dry finger detangling hair

woman massaging her scalp

  • Protective styles for hair as often as possible.  This includes day time and nighttime protective styles - braids and silk pillowcase or silk cap for sleep, hair up and off your body during the day with ends tucked away.  You should have your hair in daytime protective styles at least 3 days a week.

woman with hair up in protective style

woman brushing hair with boar bristle brush

That’s it! So again, we will be starting this challenge on January 31, and feel free to use the entire method outlined, or just one or two of the techniques - it’s all about baby steps!

Good luck, and remember to share your feedback with me by either commenting on this video, emailing me, or leaving a comment on this blog post!

See you on the next video!

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