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Natural Hair Regrowth After Loss 101

Are you losing hair, or worried about your hair appearing thinner? You’re not alone. So many people experience hair loss at certain points in their life, and I receive emails and messages regularly from people who are dealing with this problem. In a modern world that believes in quick fixes, and surface level beauty at the expense of inner health, it is so surprise that our hair can suffer over time. After all, our hair is like a barometer of our overall health. Since hair is not necessary for survival, it is often the first thing to show us that there is something in our state of health that needs some TLC. Hair loss is a big way our bodies speak to us about what we need.

This video is about natural hair regrowth after loss. We will discuss different causes of hair loss, and various natural ways of hair regrowth after loss (also how to prevent hair loss in the first place!). This article and video teach the "peeling the onion" approach to regrowth after hair loss or hair thinning, and ultimately growing thicker, healthier hair!

"Peeling the Onion"

Our bodies are complex, and so healing (from anything) is usually best approached like peeling an onion, which is the structure this article will follow. First the superficial, more easy fixes, followed a discussion of finding and addressing the root cause of hair loss. Stay tuned until the end of the article to also hear some practices that should generally be avoided in order to preserve the hair we have on our heads, or encourage more hair to begin growing.

What Is Hair Loss?

First of all, what does hair loss look like and who might be experiencing it? Hair loss can look many different ways. For men, this could look like experiencing thinning hair around the temples and crown of your head, and can start relatively early in life. For women, hair loss can also look like losing hair at certain areas of the head, such as the temples, or can be an overall thinning of the hair. Women can often experience hair loss and hair thinning during hormonal shifts, like postpartum and menopause. Hair loss can also accompany health challenges such as hypothyroidism. We will discuss this more in a later section of this video.

"Quick Fix" Hair Loss Remedies

So let’s begin by talking about the “outside of the onion” of hair loss, so to speak. That is, we will cover the first line of defence in terms of remedies and treatments for hair loss. Regardless of the causes of your hair loss, using this remedies and techniques will certainly help, and could be all you need to halt the hair loss and hopefully grow hair back. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of wonderful remedies for halting hair loss and growing back your hair. For more details on each one, be sure to watch the video.

  • Oil treatments

  • Essential oils

  • Apple cider vinegar rinses

  • Herbal oil treatments

  • Switch to clay wash, or use in conjunction with a natural gentle shampoo

  • Boar bristle brushing to stimulate and cleanse the scalp

  • Tea rinses (black tea, herbal tea)

  • Onion juice

  • Scalp massage

"Mid Level" Hair Loss Remedies

  • Acupressure

  • Supplements like MSM, biotin, zinc, or B vitamins. Or try superfood supplements like maca, amla, bee pollen, camu camu.

"Inner Core" Hair Loss Remedies

The thing about healing from the inside is that it's individual for every person, and will require some research, experimentation, and possibly, consultation with a professional. Below is simply a (non-exhaustive) list of things you may want to consider as a starting point when it comes to inner factors of hair loss.

  • Male pattern balding - stressful lifestyle, likely a symptom of the way our culture is obsessed with productivity over and above self care.

  • Dietary imbalances (make sure you are getting enough calories and nutrient dense food). Avoid strict diets

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Postpartum - make sure you prioritize rest and eating very nutritiously as well as getting enough calories through your pregnancy and postpartum. Have a postpartum ‘lying in’ period. Prioritize zinc, B vitamins in the diet. Consider using a topical bioidentical progesterone cream postpartum.

  • Menopause - try supplements for hormone balance, bio-identical progesterone cream, acupressure or acupuncture.

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Relationships

  • Mental health

  • Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine

  • Ayurveda

Things to Avoid

  • Frequent shampooing, especially with conventional chemical laden shampoos (clay washing is a wonderful alternative)

  • Conventional hair dye (unless you really want to)

  • Chemical treatments

  • Strict diets

  • Stressful lifestyles

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