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Is the American Fashion Industry Dying? | NY Fashion Expert Weighs In

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Is the American fashion industry dying? In Part 1 of my chat with George Kalajian, we cover this topic among many others! George Kalajian is the owner of Tom's Son's International Pleating, a five generation family owned pleating business in the New York fashion district. George has created garments for big names like Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Coach, the Metropolitan Museum, (and many more) as well as shows and movies like "Downton Abbey", "The Gilded Age", Stephen King's "It", and "The Gods of Egypt".

In this Part 1 of our chat we will be covering:

  • What is professional pleating?

  • Is it just for big names in the fashion world, or also for home sewers like you and me?

  • Is the fashion industry in America dying?

  • Best fabrics for professional pleating

  • Is polyester always bad?

  • How easy it is to have a garment professionally pleated

  • 8 Main Types of Pleats

And much more! Check out Part 2 of our chat where we brainstorm how to create my dream pleated vintage skirt!

George Kalajian International Pleating New York Fashion Expert

Check out George Kalajian's website and instagram page!

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