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Hair Growth Vitamin in a Tea? Herbal Infusion Recipe

In today's video and article I will be sharing with you my version of a hair growth vitamin in a tea! This is a recipe for a herbal infusion that I have been drinking on and off for about 5 years now. It is a nourishing and mineralizing mixture that supports our health on a foundational level, which of course benefits hair growth! I will explain to you the benefits of each herb as we go, and then explain how to easily and conveniently make this herbal infusion. I'll also share a bonus tip on something I add to my cup of tea that has added skin and hair benefits!

Here is the written out recipe:

"Hair Growth Vitamin in a Tea" Recipe

2 ounces nettle leaf

2 ounces red raspberry leaf

1 ounce oatstraw

1 ounce alfalfa leaf

1/2 oz lemon balm

1/2 oz rose hips

1/2 oz dried rose petals

Optional: 1/2 oz horsetail herb

French press I recommend for easy tea-making

Collagen powder (optional addition)

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