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DIY Lingerie: How to Sew a Lacy Strapless Bra

Do you struggle finding well fitting bras? Hello, me too. In fact, I’ve decided that if I am to have undergarments that help me feel good about myself as a nursing mom with an unusual bust size, basically my only option is to make bras myself.

I am admittedly biased when it comes to undergarments and clothing in general. I really do tend to think that most articles of vintage clothing were designed and made better back then. However, I have recently been falling in love with the idea of making more modern bra designs as well, especially since making a couple of amazing “Ingrid” bras for myself, which is a pattern from the company bra makers supply. This bra was really like a great fusion of vintage and modern bra design.

One of the original patterns I fell in love with quite some time ago from bra makers supply however, is the “Diamond” bustier, and I finally got around to making one. So this was my first time making a bra with underwires, and I also experimented with more fancy lace overlay details for the cups on this one. This longline bra also has foam lined cups, which means they hold their shape more. I did make a mock up, which helped me realize that what I’d thought was my cup size actually wasn’t, and then I went ahead and decided to cut into my bra making fabric.

This video will be taking you all along for the process of making this beautiful longline strapless bra to really up level my wardrobe.

Upon finishing this bra (watch the video to see the process) what are my thoughts? Well, like all of my projects, I have definitely learned so much, and while the fit on this bra didn’t turn out great, I already have my wheels turning as to how I can make it better, probably through adding straps, and some adjustments to the band itself. I also think in terms of bra style preferences, at this time in my life I prefer a more full coverage bra. Live and learn! I should mention if you didn’t catch it already that this particular pattern comes with two views, a strapless and a strapped, so the next time I make one I will just use the straps. I think I would also make the back band wider to increase the support.

Thanks for coming along for this journey! Are you feeling inspired to try making your own bra? Although there can be trial and error along the way, DIY lingerie is really the best way to get an individualized fit!

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