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Announcing My New Online Course!| "Victorian Custom Corset-Making"

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

My latest project is an online corset-making course, that covers everything you need to know to make your very own stunning, custom-fit Victorian corset, from start to finish. Read on and watch the video for all of the juicy details! Interested? I am offering an "early bird" discount, only until December 19, 2021. Use the code "EARLYBIRD" at checkout for 30% off the course! I can't wait to work with you!

Purchasing this course gives you lifetime access to over 4 hours of instructional video, teaching every step of the corset-making process. There is also over 11, 000 word of written material, photos, resource lists, and that's not even the best part! When you purchase this course, included is ONE YEAR of one-on-one coaching with me! That means that as you are making your very own custom corset, for any issues that you run into, I will be only an email away. We can work together to help you make the corset of your dreams, and you will come out a much more skilled sewer!

corset spoon busk mock up victorian beige canvas dark online course making
In my course, I teach how to work from measurements, to corset pattern, to mock-up (like this one)

Where Did This Course Come From?

There are a lot of people in the historical costuming community who love corsets, but have know idea where to begin making their own. Patterns can only take you so far. If you are overwhelmed by corset-making, what you really need is someone experienced to take you by the hand and guide you through the process. So much of corset-making is an art, not a science, and it's not something you can simply learn by reading about it, or watching a quick Youtube video. That's why, in my four hours of course video and 11 000 words of written material, I dive into every little detail of corset-making, point out pitfalls, and guide you through this beautiful, but overwhelming process.

Through running a growing blog and Youtube channel showcasing my historical sewing, I have come to see a need in the community for a deep dive into the step-by-step of historical corset-making.

That's where the idea for this course was born!

Having sewn different eras of historical corsets for several years and over hundreds of hours, I bring an artist's touch to the process of corset-making.

corset making course silk victorian flossing blue spoon busk
I also teach every aspect of the final corset-making, including busk insertion, eyelets, cording, and bone-flossing!

So much "how-to" sewing material online and in books is dry, stressful, and unhelpful.

My approach to sewing and corsetry is intuitive - so much of beautiful corset-making is an art, not a science.

This course virtually brings my intuition, artistic sense, and experience in sewing and corsetry into your home, as you work at your own pace to create the historical corset of your dreams.

All the Guidance You Need to Make Your Own Corset

pattern drafting corset making course victorian
I think pattern drafting is an integral part of a well-fitting corset, which is why I spend a lot of time on it in my course!

This course covers everything, from the philosophy behind corsetry, to how to draft a pattern, make a mock-up, and sew a stunning corset complete with spoon busk, cording, bone flossing, and more!

Making a corset can be overwhelming, and that's where my course comes in. With nearly 4 hours of instructional video and 11,000 words of written directions, this course is everything you need to make your own corset. You can work at your own pace and have me to virtually guide you through the process.

orange linen skirt victorian corset history bounding historical fashion
In the course, I give tips and guidance on how corset-wearing can fit into your life and your wardrobe!

There is no better way to enhance your sewing skills than learning to sew a custom fit corset!

I have spent hundreds of hours and several years making custom-fit historical corsets. Now, you can bring my expertise and knowledge into your sewing room so you can create a stunning, well-fitting corset for yourself with as little hassle and stress as possible.

Learn How Corsets Can Benefit Your Life

eighteenth century stays modern zipper canvas cats augusta
I have been wearing corsets daily for three years! My course dives into the benefits of corsetry for your life

I'm all about learning about the deeper meaning of things, and so this course also dives into the world of corsetry - the history of the corset, why they may have "died out", and how they can fit into a modern lifestyle.

This course also guides you into the practical, everyday considerations of how corsets can fit into your life. I help you assess your personal corsetry and wardrobe needs, and define three categories of modern people who wear corsets, helping you see where you fit in.

What do you think? Are you ready to dive in? Don't wait, there is only 30% off until December 19th!

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I have made my own underbust corset, I completely made up the pattern, no clue what I was doing, I only used three measurements, and used large zip ties for boning, but it actually turned out surprisingly well except the bottom front point sticks out a bit. So I guess I have a little experience but I was wondering how long start to finish you think it will take to make a historical corset? Thank you!

Katherine Sewing
Katherine Sewing
Dec 07, 2021
Replying to

Good for you, Grace! Personally it takes me about 30 hours to finish a historical corset, including the fancy details like bone flossing and cording. That doesn't include pattern drafting and mock-up time. It's a labour of love, but well worth it!

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