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A Much Needed Life and Channel Update

This is a much needed video. We need to talk about first of all, this channel, and changes that are either coming in the future, or changes which have already happened and explaining why. I’d also like to give you all some important life updates. Stay tuned until the end of the video for an exciting announcement!

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~ Dear Katherine Sewing,

First, please forgive this lengthy message and my formality. I was raised old school and am business formal. After watching your latest video, I began thinking about what you said. My natural hair journey began in 2012. The natural hair community was in its infancy; they spew the same formula: wash with a sulfate-free shampoo, deep condition, detangle while the hair is wet, etc. One size does not fit all [hair care] and, there wasn't a lot of information readily available [as it is now]. I have biracial ancestry so, I relaxed my hair for 20 years; b/c I was ignorant in caring for it. In 2004, it grew to my waist but was badly …

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